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Poznan Airport - All Information on Poznan Airport (POZ)

Poznan Airport (POZ) Poznan Airport (POZ)

Poznan Airport

Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznań, Poland
+48 61 849 23 43
+48 69 701 58 01 (Lost + Found)
Poznan Airport - All Information on Poznan Airport (POZ)

Poznan-Lawica Airport with IATA: POZ, ICAO: EPPO was established in 1913. It is regarded as one of Poland's oldest airports. It is situated 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) west of Pozna's downtown. While the airport is located in the Jeyce district, it gets its name from the neighborhood of Awica, which is a part of the city's Grunwald district. The airport serves general aviation, domestic, international, and cargo flights.

Transfer Services at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Public transportation links Pozna Airport to the city center. The closest bus stops to passenger terminals are nearby or close. Buses leave from Departures and continue to the intermediate stop of Arrivals on their way to the City Center.

Both the ticket machine at the bus stop outside the terminal and the kiosks in the departure terminal sell tickets. Several apps, including CallPay, moTICKET, mPay, and SkyCash, can be used to buy tickets on a mobile device.

Additionally, passengers can use the POZ's 24-hour taxi stand at the exit from the arrivals hall to get to the city center. Depending on the type of transportation you use, the estimated travel time from the city center to the airport is 10 to 25 minutes.

If travelers want public transportation over private vehicles. Then, they can take a taxi, a city bus, a rental car, or a train to the city center to get to their destination. Use only their official phone numbers or email addresses to contact them if you need to make a reservation or find out more. Examine all available options for getting around and make a transfer at Poznan-Lawica Airport.

Rental Car Service at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Renting a car is the most practical way to get around the city. The Poznan-Lawica Airport's car rental facility is conveniently located in the P1 Blue Car Park, a short walk from the air terminal. There are major domestic and international car rental companies.

Vehicles can be ordered in advance or reserved right away at the airport's rental car desks. Please browse our inventory of car rentals for more information.

Taxis at Poznan-Lawica Airport

A taxi stand is available 24 hours a day at the exit from the arrivals area.

Near the Arrivals area in front of Terminal 3, right outside the terminal building, the airport has provided a list of reliable taxi companies. The taxis serve 24/7, and taxis of this corporation can use the taxi rank at the arrival hall without time limits.

The cost varies depending on where you are going, but the Poznan center generally costs 20-30 PLN.

For a high-quality and safe ride, use the taxi service's mobile app at Poznan-Lawica Airport. You can also use the mobile app to book a taxi and see the cost in advance. All fees include cancellation, and your driver will meet you at the airport, so you won't need to worry.

To know more about this, please see the taxi page.

Trains at Poznan-Lawica Airport

There currently needs to be a train or metro service to the Poznan-Lawica Airport. Poznan Central Railway Station Train Station is the one that is closest to POZ.

Poznan Central Railway Station Train Station and Poznan Airport (POZ) are separated by a 6 km distance. Take the 2 PLN per ride Line 159 Bus from the airport to the railway station.

The train ticket ranges from 60 PLN to 115 PLN in second-class seating or from 90 PLN to 173 PLN in first-class seating. More information about train services near Poznan Airport.

Buses at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The 16 bus stops run directly from Poznan-Lawica Airport to the city center. The closest bus stops to passenger terminals are nearby or close.

The ticket cost is 4.60 PLN, and you can travel for 40 minutes to the city center.

Both the ticket machine at the bus stop outside the terminal and the kiosks in the departure terminal sell tickets. Only coins of various denominations can be used to purchase tickets at the machine, which also provides change.

Additionally, there are more and more vehicles with ticket machines. A sticker at the bus's entrance provides information on the possibility of buying tickets on the bus. More information about buses to and from Poznan Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Some hotels offer complimentary shuttle service to and from Poznan-Lawica Airport.

Ask your hotel if a shuttle is offered to find out. Make a reservation and ask the staff about the different housing choices, such as hotels, extras, etc.

Please visit our hotel's website to learn more about whether this service is provided.

Rideshares​ at Poznan-Lawica Airport

You can utilize nearby ridesharing services such as Uber once you arrive at the airport's arrivals terminal.

One of the most convenient transfer options to get from Poznan-Lawica Airport to the city center, the drive takes only 10 minutes.

Give your terminal, door number, and other details to your driver to help them find you and make the transportation process more manageable.

Parking Services at Poznan-Lawica Airport

There are five parking lots at Poznan-Lawica Airport: Blue, Yellow, Red, Graphite, and Green Car Parks. They provide short-term, long-term, and disability parking in front of the terminal.

The parking lots serve both online and walk-in customers and are open 24 hours a day.

Additionally, travelers can use the airport's kiss and fly service—free parking—when entering and leaving the BP gas station. Getting to POZ's Kiss & Fly Zone takes two minutes from the airport terminal.

To learn more, please visit our parking page.

Other Services at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The Poznan-Lawica Airport is dedicated to offering services that satisfy all of its clients' needs, from the most basic to the most advanced. This section contains all the information on the essential services offered at the airport, such as the closest hotels, the most recent 24-hour dining options, WiFi, a currency exchange counter, and everything else. The airport also has self-service kiosks for check-in and baggage drop-off.

Disabled Passengers at Poznan-Lawica Airport

All disabled customers of POZ's services receive thorough assistance under all applicable laws.

Assistance for people with disabilities includes support from when a passenger calls for help until they are seated on the aircraft, including time spent at the airport and during boarding and disembarking.

Remember that you must disclose the type of your disability and any unique needs it may have to the airline or travel agency when you purchase a flight ticket.

Please call or text the official airport contact number at +48 669 692 193, which is set aside for this exceptional service.

WiFi at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Poznan-Lawica Airport offers a public WiFi network with fast, free internet access. You can choose between an unlimited and a 30-minute internet connection as a guest.

Baggage Claim at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The baggage claim area is on the terminal's first floor. Because there are so many baggage claim belts, your bags will typically arrive quickly. The rules for the carriage of cabin luggage vary depending on the airline.

If you did not pick up your luggage when you arrived, you must notify your airline so they can help you locate it.

Information Desk at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The POZ Airport Information Point is situated on the structure's first floor. All the information needed by travelers is available at the airport information point.

The office provides information on the airport, flights, links to the island's top resorts, hotels, and activities to participate in to help you plan your unique trip.

Calling +48 703 203 703 or emailing info@airport-poznan.com.pl are two ways to contact the Airport Information Point.

Smoking at Poznan-Lawica Airport

There is a strict no-smoking policy in the passenger terminal. For smokers, POZ has designated areas with typical signs that are specially marked.

Additionally, passengers who have already undergone security screening may smoke in the designated special smoking cabins in the Schengen zone departure hall.

Lost and Found Section at Poznan-Lawica Airport

You can report lost or damaged luggage upon arrival at the airport's Lost Luggage Office in the baggage claim area.

A boarding pass and the luggage tag the passenger picked up at the check-in desk before departure are required to prepare a lost luggage report.

Opening hours for the lost luggage office are daily from 8:00 a.m. until the day's last arriving flight. The airport's official phone number and email address are +48 697015801 and ll.poz@welcome-as.pl, respectively.

Restrooms at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Toilets are situated on every floor of POZ, including accessible restrooms for people with disabilities.

Nursing Stations at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Mothers can nurse their infants in peace and comfort in the changing rooms at the restrooms in public and restricted areas of the Poznan-Lawica Airport terminal.

ATMs at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Both the arrivals and departures areas have ATMs where you can withdraw cash. ATMs are located close to the airport's information desk.

Currency Exchange at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The International Currency Exchange manages the currency exchange service in the Arrivals and Departures areas on the ground floor, close to passengers' exit.

There are services available, such as Advance Cash, VAT refunds, and international SIM cards. Call +48 602 766 356 for the departures area or +48 668 880 859 for the arrivals area to speak with the counters.

Food and Beverages at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Poznan-Lawica Airport offers a selection of beverages to its customers in the Land Side area before security checks and the Air Side area after security checks, including bars, cafes, pizzerias, self-service options, and wine bars. Travelers can choose from a wide selection of wholesome, well-kept snacks and beverages. This section contains a list of all the refreshments.

Shopping at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Poznan-Lawica Airport provides guests with a welcoming shopping area filled with shops and boutiques for pre-and/or post-flight purchases.

Beauty salons, duty-free shops, boutiques, souvenir stores, and many others are among the shopping options on the Land Side before security checks and on the Air Side following security checks.

Pet Relief at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Passengers traveling with pets must abide by all current laws and POZ's specific rules and regulations tailored to each airline's requirements.

Ticketing Services at Poznan-Lawica Airport

The Poznan-Lawica Airport's ticket booths are located on the ground floor, close to the check-in desks. It provides support services for purchasing airline tickets for all flights to and from Poznan-Lawica Airport.

It is open daily, with varying hours depending on the airline. Payments made with all of the major credit cards are accepted.

Many domestic and foreign airlines, including Blue Panorama, Corendon, Enter Air, FlyEgypt, Freebird Airlines, Ryanair, Sun Express, and Wizz Air, fly into and out of Poznan-Lawica Airport.

History of Poznan-Lawica Airport

Poznan-Lawica Airport was built initially by Prussian invaders, and since 1919 it has been a Polish airport. One of Poland's oldest airports is this one. The airport has always been divided into two parts: the northern portion serves military flights, and the southern portion handles passenger flights.

The southern area is utilized for civilian purposes. In contrast, the northern region has been a military airport since it opened in 1913 as an Imperial German airbase. Since the runway's flight path passes directly over the city, moving the airport to another location is frequently discussed.

The airport serves general aviation, domestic, international, and cargo flights. 2012 saw the opening of a brand-new terminal with a 3.5 million passenger annual capacity.

About Poznan, Poland

Poznan is one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland. According to various rankings, it is one of the Polish cities with the best business climate. Additionally, it has excellent safety and medical quality ratings. The region, which includes the city, is one of Poland's most populous and is home to several distinctive regional traditions, including Saint John's Fair.

There are many exciting things to see and do in this Polish city. Despite its long history, the city exudes a young, carefree vibe thanks to its modern architecture and public artwork. Despite providing a lot for visitors and doing so without taking advantage of them, Poznan is still a relatively unknown destination. Some people believe Poznan, a revitalized and prosperous city in western Poland, to be where the nation was founded.

Weather in Poznan, Poland

Concerning pleasant weather, Poznan is less temperate than other tourist destinations worldwide.

In Poznan, the average temperature varies greatly. When humidity is considered, temperatures feel cold for about half the year. Still, they are otherwise pleasant, with a decent chance of precipitation for almost half the year.

If you want to visit Poznan when it's the warmest, the hottest months are July, August, and June. Early to mid-August is typically the summer time of the year, with daytime highs of around 79.5°F (26.4°C) and nighttime lows of only occasionally falling below 59.8°F (15.4°C).

In Poznan, Poland, May is the busiest month for travel, followed by August and February. Although you can save if you book far in advance, these months will have the highest hotel and flight prices. November is likely to see few tourists in Poznan. Those willing to travel during these times may discover it is the cheapest month.

Useful Contact Details

Poznan is a popular tourist destination in Poland because of its relaxed atmosphere, thriving modern architecture, and public art. Let's say you have an upcoming vacation to Poznan scheduled. It is a wonderful place to wander around because it has beautiful squares and stunning architecture. To ensure their itinerary covers all the major attractions, some visitors need assistance deciding.

Poznan is used mainly by travelers and has a fascinating root history. It has enough appeals on its own to warrant high regard. Here are some ideas for those who have never been to Poznan City:

Poznan is a city with fantastic museums and thriving nightlife. Before you go, ensure you are familiar with the city's landmarks. Every location has unique characteristics and intriguing aspects of its own. You can accomplish more there if you become more familiar with Poznan before your visit.

Using a private driver or renting a car is the most effective way to get around Poznan. We've made three point-to-point trips, so you can hire a private driver. Whether traveling alone or with a friend, you can use public transportation. You can better understand the city in this way.

Poland National Emergency Phone: 112

Imagine that a medical or law enforcement emergency occurs while you are in Poznan City. To ensure your security and the security of those around you, you must follow these steps:

  • Initially, look for a secure area away from danger. Alternately, maintain your composure and hone your fear-management techniques.
  • Next, contact a regional or global emergency hotline (112).
  • Use caution while providing as much information as possible about your location and the problem.
  • Lastly, adhere to any guidance provided by medical or law enforcement professionals.


Hospital of St. Adalbert

Telephone: +48 61 623 31 11

Address: Bolesława Krzywoustego 114, 61-144 Poznań, Poland

Szpital Miejski im. Franciszka Raszei

Telephone: +48 61 848 10 11

Address: Mickiewicza 2, 60-834 Poznań, Poland

Police Station

Komisariat Policji Poznań - Stare Miasto

Address: al. Marcinkowskiego 31, 61-745 Poznań, Poland

Phone: +48 47 771 24 11

Poznan-Lawica Airport Contacts

Address: Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznań, Poland

General Phone: +48 61 849 23 43

Email: info@airport-poznan.com.pl

Lost and Found Phone: +48 69 701 58 01

Information Desk Phone: +48 70 320 37 03

Official website: https://poznanairport.pl/en

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230 V

Plug: C, E

Currency: Polish złoty, zł, PLN

WiFi at the Airport: Free WiFi is accessible in the terminal.

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