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Poznan-Lawica Airport Train Transfers

Passengers have various ground transportation options available once they arrive at Poznan-Lawica Airport, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttle services, and buses.

Travelers who want to cut costs or avoid traffic have various transportation options. Driving your own car is the quickest and most affordable way to get from POZ to the train station. Taking a taxi is the fastest and most costly way.

The nearest train station, Poznan Central Railway Station Train Station, is located in the city center and is accessible by bus from Poznan-Lawica Airport. However, there needs to be a current train connection to the airport. Poznan's city center is only a short drive from the airport.

You can also take a bus, which will take you to Poznan Central Railway Station in 15 to 20 minutes.

  • You can take Bus Line 59 to Poznan Central Railway Station, the city's main train station, at least three times an hour from 04:45 am to 11:22 pm from the stop right outside the airport's entrance.
  • Night Bus Line 222, which departs from the train station every day at 12:02, 01:02, 02:02, 03:02, and 04:02 am, connects the airport to the station at other times. The average travel time is 23 minutes. You can purchase a single 45-minute ticket for 6 PLN from a kiosk, TI, or ticket machine; you must validate your ticket as soon as you board the train.

Suppose you take a private vehicle from Poznan-Lawica Airport to Poznan Central Railway Station Train Station. In that case, you can follow these directions to get there:

  • The shortest route, covering 7.1 kilometers, will take 20 minutes to reach Poznan Central Railway Station.
  • Due to traffic, the fastest route is via Bukowska/DW307 and Bukowska. On Bukowska/DW307, go east.
  • Traveling from Ubieskiej to Bugarska, turn right onto Prosta, then take a left onto Ubieskiej.
  • From Dworcowa, take Bukowska to Bugarska, turn left onto Bukowska/DW307, then turn right onto Bukowska/DW307. At Bukowska, turns left and become Zeylanda, and once you reach Zeylanda, turn right to become Zwierzyniecka. Take the second exit onto Witty Marcin at Rondo Kaponiera.
  • And finally, to get to Poznan Main and the train station, turn right onto Dworcowa.

Poznan Central Railway Station

Pozna Gówny is another name for the central station in Pozna, Poland. The main square is about 10 minutes away by taxi and directly across from the Trade Fair Center.

A new transportation hub has emerged next to the old train station building at the location of a significant 160 million PLN redevelopment project over the past few years.

Although regular ticket windows are conveniently open around-the-clock, using the English-language ticket machines is just as simple.

If you're running late, you can pay a small surcharge to purchase tickets from the conductor on the train; make sure you do it right after boarding. Be aware that it is best to make reservations in advance if you want a seat on a specific train.

On the website, you can purchase and book train tickets and find schedules for the Pendolino, TLK, and PKP Intercity trains operated by Polish Railways.

The Polish Railways website is It has good English functionality and allows you to purchase tickets and view timetables online. You can also track your train using by clicking on ‘Find a train.'

Routes at Poznan Central Railway Station

A vast train network links Pozna to the majority of Polish cities and those in the neighboring nations. There are also daily connections from other European cities.

The Pozna Main Station is the final stop for all trains arriving in Poznan. The Main Station and the West Station are the two structures that make up the Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni).

The Main Station connects to the Bus Station and the Avenida shopping center and is situated above Platforms 1, 2, and 3. There are restaurants, fast food kiosks, ATMs, and a tourist information center inside the Main Station building.

The Pozna International Fairs (Midzynarodowe Targi Poznaskie) is directly across from the West Station. The Poznan Fast Train (PST) stops, and all platforms are connected to the West Station via an underground passage.

Depending on the type of train taken, the price of a one-way ticket from Warsaw to Pozna changes. You can choose fast, express, intercity, or eurocity train.

The train ticket ranges from 60 PLN to 115 PLN in second-class seating or from 90 PLN to 173 PLN in first-class seating. It is best to buy your train ticket at the station because doing so will result in a fee or penalty.

A taxi ride to the main square will cost you between 20 and 30 PLN, and taxi ranks are next to the Main Hall and the West Railway Station exit.

Helpful Tips at Poznan Central Railway Station

There are a few reminders you should be aware of if this is your first time taking a train at Poznan Central Railway Station:

  • Be as prepared as you can. Check before the scheduled departure time to find out if your train, destination, and origin stations accept checked bags.
  • Stay informed by visiting the train station's website. Download its app to simplify your travel.
  • Put yourself in the mindset of the train. Trains are renowned for stopping to rest for a reason. Riders have put a lot of effort into creating a culture where courteous and respectful mobile usage, outlet sharing, and consideration for the quiet car are the norm.
  • Remain plugged in and connected. If you've ever traveled cross-country by train, you know it's a fantastic experience with beautiful scenery and interesting people.