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Buses Poznan-Lawica Airport with Bus Routes and Times

The Poznan-Lawica Airport, one of Poland's busiest airports, lies five kilometers from the city center. Rental cars, taxis, rideshare services, hotel shuttles, and buses are among the ground transportation choices available to passengers arriving at Poznan-Lawica Airport.

Buses at Poznan-Lawica Airport

Public transportation is available at the airport terminal, and frequent bus connections are between the airport and Poznan's downtown. The first bus stop is just in front of the passenger terminal, and the second is 200 feet to the south. With 16 bus stops, the expected travel time from Poznan city center to the airport and vice versa is 20 to 25 minutes.

The route from the airport to Poznan city is serviced by three lines:

  • Bus Line 59 runs from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., with Pozna Gowny as its final stop, just in front of the central train station. The closest station to the center is known as Rondo Kaponiera. The trip takes about 20 minutes, and buses typically run every 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Bus Line 49 stops 200 meters from the airport but travels downtown.
  • The Night Line 242 follows an almost identical path to Line 59, except its final stop is Rondo Kaponiera. From 11:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., it begins to operate.

Before your trip, organize your transportation by looking up the Line 59, Line 49, and Night Line 242 routes and bus stop locations on the ZTM website.

You can purchase tickets at the airport, at every station, from the bus driver, or from the ticket machine inside the bus.

The ticket cost is 4.60 PLN, and you can travel for 40 minutes. There are various discounted public transportation ticket alternatives if you want to stay in Pozna for a day or longer. The ticket price is 13.60 PLN for 24 hours, 21.00 PLN for 48 hours, 27.00 PLN for 72 hours, and 47.00 PLN for 7 days. Additionally, pensioners and children can travel for free.

Both the ticket machine at the bus stop outside the terminal and the kiosks in the departure terminal sell tickets.

Using a "Kasowski" machine to authenticate your ticket before boarding the bus is vital. A sticker at the bus entry informs passengers that they can buy tickets on the bus for further information. Ticket machines are also being put in an increasing number of vehicles. For details, please visit the ZTM Poznan website and use the Poznan Airport public transportation.

The ticket machine only accepts coins in the following denominations: 0.10 PLN, 0.20 PLN, 0.50 PLN, 1 PLN, 2 PLN, and 5. The ticket machine also provides change.

Ticket purchases can also be made using a mobile phone and apps like CallPay, moTICKET, mPay, and SkyCash.

Check the destination signage on the front view of the bus to ensure you are boarding the right one first. Tell the driver where you want to travel and whether you're on the right bus if you still need clarification.

While you wait for the bus, stand at the closest bus stop sign shed or shelter. To prevent passing, make sure the bus driver can see you. If you wish to take the bus, always let the driver know.

To keep in mind as you board the bus at Poznan-Lawica Airport, read the following:

  • Make your way to the bus's rear after paying your fare. Passengers who are elderly or disabled should request front-row seating. Take your heart as quickly as you can, please. It enables the driver to get going and helps them keep to the schedule.
  • Hold the grab rails or seat backs when stepping onto a bus. Stay away from moving about on a moving bus. Before leaving your seat, wait until the car has completely stopped.
  • Please don't eat or smoke to benefit your other passengers. Please be considerate and careful when moving things like groceries and umbrellas. To help keep your buses clean, keep your feet off the seats and take any rubbish with you when you get off.
  • If you discover something on the bus that another passenger may have left behind, kindly let the driver know. The bus returns all objects that were left behind.
  • Please refrain from chatting with the driver. Their employment requires them to focus solely on operating the bus; engaging in conversation could detract from it.
  • Tell the bus driver multiple times that you're getting off.
  • Use the back exit door to leave the bus. It makes it easier for the bus to adhere to its timetable and permits passengers to embark at the front door.
  • After getting off the bus, remember not to cross the street in front of it. Keep your distance from the bus and wait for it to pass before attempting to cross the street.

Long-term tickets and weekend specials are available from the bus operators. Visit their website at https://www.ztm.poznan.pl/pl/ for more information on these deals.