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Various general aviation, domestic, international, and cargo flights can land at Poznan-Lawica Airport. Corendon, Enter Air, FlyEgypt, Freebird Airlines, Sun Express, and Wizz Air are just a few airlines that fly there.

The ticket booths are near the check-in offices on the airport's ground floor. It offers a variety of assistance services for the purchase of airline tickets for all flights as well as for complaints regarding travel bookings.

Poznan-Lawica Airport, located 5 kilometers west of the city's core, is one of Poland's major airports.

Poznan is one of the nation's oldest cities. One of the Polish cities with the best business climate, outstanding safety ratings, and high scores for medical quality. The region, which includes the city, is famous in Poland and is the scene of several unique regional customs, such as Saint John's Fair.

Despite its lengthy history, the city's contemporary architecture and public artwork give it a youthful, carefree vibe. It delivers offerings to tourists without exploiting the town, making Poznan a relatively undiscovered location.

You and your family will also have one-of-a-kind experiences while taking tours to the best spots in the city and its surroundings.

If you have yet to visit Poznan City, consider visiting these tourist destinations. Visit the website getyourguide.com for more details on the tours offered in Poznan.

From Poznan: Torun Sightseeing Day Tour

On a guided tour from Poznan, you can explore the lovely medieval town of Torun. Tour one of Poland's oldest and most Gothic Old Town

cities with a local guide.

You can visit the Copernicus House and the Cathedral, sample the city's signature gingerbread, and stroll through the Old Town's winding lanes.

The best example of a medieval gothic town is Torun, which you may reach by meeting your private driver at your hotel. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site called "The City of Angels" by the locals. Renowned Polish scientist Nicolaus Copernicus was born there.

The tour begins with sightseeing in the Old Town, where you can take in the spectacular Gothic structures that witness the city's former magnificence. Then, meet your private guide. You will also visit the Old Town Hall, one of Northern Europe's most majestic buildings and home to the region's museum with priceless treasures. Also, you can behold the ancient interiors of the cathedral of SS. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist also has a bell tower with a beautiful city view.

Explore Nicolaus Copernicus' life by starting with the Copernicus Chapel in St. James' Church, where he was christened which is part of the tour.

Try some of the city's famous, exquisite gingerbread after the tour. It is a significant part of the city's tradition. By voluntarily entering the museum, you can learn information formerly closely guarded by master gingerbread bakers. Please make your own gingerbread while surrounded by the aroma of spices, then take it home as a souvenir.

Enjoy Torun's most unique locations while learning from your guide what else you may find out on your own following this tour.

The tour includes a local guide in Torun, transportation, hotel pickup, drop-off, and time to unwind in your opulent automobile on the way back to your hotel.

Poznan: Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

It is a private trip where you can taste samples of a variety of Polish beers while visiting a few locations in Poznan. Over 11 beers will be introduced, including commercial, domestic, and craft.

You'll sample them, compare flavors, and sample some traditional Polish snacks.

Visit four chosen locations, get to know Poznan's top bars, and discover the country's beer-drinking habits and traditions.

On this Poznan beer-tasting tour, you'll try Poland's most outstanding mainstream, artisan, and regional beers. Polish beer, its history, tradition, and customs will all be introduced to you. You'll discover that Poznan has a long history of craft beer.

This enjoyable and cultural evening will provide an insightful introduction to the world of Polish beers. Your guide will look out for you individually and will explain each beer you will drink while you are spending time alone or with your group of friends or family. You will try beers from well-known Polish breweries, regional specialty beers from Poland's provinces, and craft beers from Poznan microbreweries.

At the first location, you will also be given Polish appetizers. There will be a variety of beers available at each site, and each one will offer a distinctive experience. You will sample 7 beers and some nibbles at 3 locations throughout the 2-hour session.

The 3-hour option, which includes tasting 11 beers at 4 different venues with appetizers that pair perfectly with vodka, is ideal for those who wish to sample more vodka tastes. If you want to taste the best Polish vodkas and regional cuisine in 5 venues, you may also choose a 4-hour trip.

From Poznan: Gniezno, Biskupin, Wenecja Full-Day Trip

Visit Gniezno, the original capital of Poland, and go on a historical tour of the Wielkopolska region. Additionally, you will come across the lovely Wenecja village and Biskupin, the oldest settlement in Poland.

The open-air museum in Gniezno will teach you about life during the Iron Age. The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja will tell you about the town's demon and crumbling castle.

On a full-day tour from Poznan, explore the ancient Wielkopolska Region of west-central Poland. Three of Greater Poland's most magnificent treasures are visited during the 8-hour sightseeing tour, which takes you deep inside the country.

The tour includes a drive to Gniezno, the founding city and first capital of the Polish state, from Poznan. Explore the Cathedral, which is renowned for its pure silver casket of St. Wojciech and its bronze Romanesque doors that depict episodes from the life of St. Adalbert.

Continue on to Biskupin, Poland's oldest settlement. It's an excellent outdoor museum that recreates a life-size replica of an Iron Age fortified settlement and dates back to the eighth century BC.

After lunch, you will try to board a narrow gauge train and go to the charming town of Wenecja, the Pearl of Pauki. In it, you can check out the fantastic Narrow Gauge Train Museum, which has a chic waiting area and many different vintage locomotives and carriages. But hold off on leaving until you have heard the Wenecja devil legend and visited the castle's ruins on the lake's edge.

The tour fee covers admission to the cathedral in Gniezno, the archeological museum in Biskupin, and the Narrow Gauge Train Museum in Wenecja, in addition to a guide, hotel pickup, drop-off, transportation, and all of the above.

When making a reservation for the trip, please specify the tour language you prefer.

Poznan Old Town and Croissant Museum Private Walking Tour

With the help of your knowledgeable local guide, discover the city's top attractions with this tour. The Old Town of Poznan is home to a vibrant atmosphere, ornately adorned buildings, and stunning views of the Warta River.

You will visit the Croissant Museum's primary attraction and partake in a show and sampling. View the incredible architecture of the Palace of the Dziayski family, Fara Church, and Market Square while hearing fantastic tales and legends about goats, Bamberka, and other things. With family or coworkers, you can have a personalized tour.

Poznan is a gem and one of Poland's best cities. One of the most stunning town squares in all of Europe may be found in this medieval city. Poznan is just as important as Krakow or Gdansk as a historic location. It has a long and fascinating history, lovely parks, and a wealth of natural beauty.

Parish Church of St. Stanislaus is one of the most splendid churches, so start the journey at Fara Church. This majestic church is renowned for its exquisite Baroque embellishments in the chapels of the Holy Cross, which include the Virgin Mary and a crucifix from the 16th century.

You will also see the former Jesuit Collegium next to it. View the lovely Chopin Park around you. Take a stroll in Poznan's town square to see where once-powerful monarchs once walked and many more.

Follow your way to the Croissant Museum, where the famed St. Marcin's Croissants are made. These pastries are known for their unique white poppy seed filling and have been Pozna's most prized confection for more than 150 years. You can practice your dialect skills, sample croissants, receive the recipe, and assist the croissant master in discovering a great lesson in a fun way.

The tour includes a personalized walking tour of Poznan conducted by a certified guide, admission to the Croissant Museum for the performance, a taste of St. Marcin's Croissants from the Rogal Master, and sightseeing at the top Old Town attractions with fascinating legends.

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